Friday, February 25, 2011

Today's the Day!

After months of planning and coordinating we are finally at the threshold; our breaths held anxiously for the final plunge into international service. The main purpose of this blog is to invite friends, families and really anyone interested to follow our experiences during the trip. We hope to offer you a glimpse into our work constructing and installing bio-sand filters for impoverished communities and the beautiful Nicaraguan culture and landscape. We'll aim to post as frequently as we can. Additionally, we'll try to upload pictures and videos too. Each trip participant will also be expected to write at least one post so we can host a variety of different perspectives/attitudes and produce a more comprehensive processing of the entire experience, individually and collectively. Enjoy!

Tonight (well technically Saturday) morning, at 2:30am we depart from the Cube to Detroit Airport. Flying with American Airlines, our flight is scheduled to depart at 6:30am. We as college students are notorious for a "certain loose perception of promptness" so this will give us ample time to amble our way over. Anyways we fly to Miami for a 1.5 hour layover, then depart for Managua at 11:00 (about a two hour flight). Here's the flight itinerary:

American Airlines #873
American Airlines #969
Detroit 6:30am
Miami 11:00am
Miami 930am
Managua 12:45pm on 2/26/2011

American Airlines #970
American Airlines #390
Managua 1:55pm
Miami 7:35pm
Miami 5:25pm
Detroit 10:40pm on 3/5/2011

Overall enthusiasm is at a fever pitch and our bags are packed (or in the process). Vaccinations have been completed, packing lists consulted, financing secured and ad hoc spanish hyperlearning instruction commencing! Midterms have cut a merciless swathe through our sanity, so it will also be nice to escape the University academic culture for awhile. Anyways we'll post again when we can.

Rotaract Out!


  1. Wishing you all the best! Audrey and I, and the whole AA Rotary Club are so impressed with your service. Can't wait to read more...have fun!
    Your Rotary Mom, Barb

  2. I have SO much admiration for you all for doing this wonderful work for people whose lives will be immeasurably improved by your work. I have learned in my travels how important clean water is to the lives of people.
    I assemble Harpoon. Would you send an interim report for us to publish next week? I know you are the Speakers March 25 but we would love to have an update.
    My thanks for your work,
    Agnes Reading