Sunday, February 27, 2011


I hope these post help to relax the nerves of our very anxious parents.. I know you all are very worried about us, but we are all doing GREAT! The trip has already been pretty life changing for a small town girl like myself. While walking through town yesterday, I finally understood the song, "Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world..." It is absolutely extraordninary how the world around us functions and we take SOO much for granted.

I have finished up the art-kits to hand out to the little kids in a few days, and during the process of putting them together another member staying at CEPAD suggested taking my idea to a local sewing co-op and sharing my idea to give them something to make and market! How crazy would that be to pair up with something like this and actually get their products sold in the United States!?! I think it is a great idea, so if my schedule allows it I will be traveling 45 minutes out to a sewing co-op and talk to them about my idea. Hopefully everything goes as plan, but everything does happens for a reason so I am not too concerned.

Hope all is well for everyone and we will continue to blog!

Love and miss you family!
xoxoxo, Kayla

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