Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beans, Rice and Wildcard.

Hola amigos,

Just returned from the el Campo experience. Spending four days in the village was one of the most transformative and perspective-shattering experiences I have ever participated in. The warmth and pósitive energy of the Nicaraguans when installing their filters was intoxicatingly rewarding.

Overall the village conditions were atrocious in relation to Western standards. The cockroaches that raged in the latrine were swarming. The oppresive, raw heat of the climate soaked my clothes in sweatylike slime. Around the abandoned schoolhouse (where we were staying) was littered with fecal debris and farm animals roamed aimlessly all around us. As far as the food.... we ate varying colors of beans and rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner with some accompánying veggies and the occasional Coke (which btw became an instant delicacy). Needless to say, we were roughing it (like 100 grit but infinitely worse).


None of us would trade the experience for anything else, not an excursion to a tropical island or a 5-star resort beach paradise. Through all the difficulties of transitioning into seemingly another world, one with a completely different perspective on life, our growth focused around truly amazing international service. Building and installing 82 water filters in the poorest municipality in Nicaragua and seeing the impact on the families of being afforded clean water was incredible. Honestly, we cant think of another way to spend out Spring Break.

Anyways, see you guys stateside. Dont worry everyone is feeling great and completely absorbed in the experience.

Louis and Suz.

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